CCI training WORKS.

It’s that simple. Want proof? Look at the amazing creations that our alumni from around the world create.

With CCI training, you will truly understand not just how, but why. You’ll have a solid technical foundation that frees you from worrying about failures and callbacks.

You’ll also be free to exercise your own creativity without limits. You work hard, but you need more. You need style and substance. You need to create. Do it with confidence with CCI training and support.

CCI offers unprecedented post-class support. We are 100% dedicated to supporting our students, not to bragging about ourselves and our own work. We are here to build your knowledge, your confidence, and your success.

Success not just with concrete, but also with business. We are the only training program that offers a comprehensive system on exactly how to market, sell and price creative concrete.

Train with CCI now, and get started on the road to your success.


Alumni Success Stories